about Dose Of

Who we are

We believe that you haven’t lived until you have tried everything at least once. Our founder had this motto and natural inquisitiveness especially to drinks.

He started infusing spirits at home, spending hours experimenting with different flavours. To appreciate how these connect with the drinker, he studied bartending to understand all the contributing factors that make your drink enjoyable.

From these humble beginnings, we now have Dose Of and our exclusive Cocktail Parties.

What we do

We make creative doses of spirits and cocktails.


We love experimenting with different flavours and learning about the deliciousness around the world.


Once we are happy with our creations, we share them with you and your friends to enjoy as well. 

Simply creative spirits making creative cocktails for wonderful people.

How we do it

We look for the best quality ingredients from fresh markets, herb gardens and spice stores.

We use the likes of triple distilled Russian vodka and vapour-infused English gin for our base alcohols. We utilise all natural mixers and home-made syrups wherever possible.

Everything we create is the good stuff.  

Why we do it

Each ingredient, each smell, each taste reminds us of sometime, somewhere, someone.

We all have a story or an inspiration and so do each of our drinks.

All our doses are created from the heart and we want to share this love with you.