With the summer coming up, we combined a couple of our favourite fruits to create a tropical gin. The sweet, creamy flavour of bananas is paired with Carabao mangos – the bright yellow variety famous for its sweet, exotic taste. Cracked black peppercorns give a slight kick but the cloves impart a berry-ish aroma as well.


The final result is a sweet and fragrant gin that is perfect for sipping on the beach.



Useless Fact to Impress your Friends


The fastest marathon time for a person dressed up as a fruit, was by Patrick Wightman who dressed up as a banana. He definitely deserves to be on the beach sipping this gin!

Dose of Gin #10

  • flavours: banana | mango | black pepper | cloves


    volume: 350 ml


    ABV: 40%

  • Our Doses contain alcohol and are not for sale to under 18s.


    Our Doses are made using real fruit/herbs/spices so sedimentation may occur. Please shake well before using.


    Our Doses of Spirits can last over a year. However we recommend drinking within 6 months for the best flavour.