Our eleventh gin is reminiscent of the late summer when pears and plums are ripest and ready for harvest. Their deep green and purple colours, the sweet and musky smells, that go perfectly with long sunsets and warm weather.


These flavours really bring us back to summer evening bike rides passing by the plum and pear trees growing around our village.



Useless fact to impress your friends


In 2019, for every million births in the USA, there were 9 babies named Plum. That same year, only 2 babies were named Pear for every million births. Both are actually less popular than Gin…


Dose of Gin #11

  • flavours: pear | red plum | rosemary | fennel seed


    volume: 350 ml


    ABV: 40%

  • Our Doses contain alcohol and are not for sale to under 18s.


    Our Doses are made using real fruit/herbs/spices so sedimentation may occur. Please shake well before using.


    Our Doses of Spirits can last over a year. However we recommend drinking within 6 months for the best flavour.