A close drinking buddy from Singapore requested a gin with a lemongrass base. My immediate thought was of the teas and soups in South East Asia where it is commonly mixed with ginger.


When I drink this gin, it really brings me back to the relaxing smells and sounds of spas after a massage.



Useless Fact to Impress your Friends


Lemongrass is used in hoodoo to protect against evil and bring good luck in love. I hope that means both at the same time!


Dose of Gin #5

  • flavours: ginger | lemongrass | lemon | cloves


    volume: 350 ml


    ABV: 40%

  • Our Doses contain alcohol and are not for sale to under 18s.


    Our Doses are made using real fruit/herbs/spices so sedimentation may occur. Please shake well before using.


    Our Doses of Spirits can last over a year. However we recommend drinking within 6 months for the best flavour.

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