A magical, floral garden of a cocktail which starts with a shot of our butterfly pea flower infused Dose of Gin #9 and a shot of Sakura liqueur from Japan. These are two of the most beautiful flowers in the world which create a delicious colour-changing cocktail (check out the video!).


The pink hue and floral taste definitely brings me back to the cherry blossom season when, for a couple of weeks, the trees are painted a stunning white and pink.



Useless Fact to Impress your Friends

The cherry blossom Capital of the World is… Macon in Georgia, USA. We probably all thought it was in Japan, but Macon actually has 350,000 cherry trees and hosts the annual International Cherry Blossom Festival.

Dose of Magic

  • ingredients: dose of gin #9 | sakura | lemon juice | tonic water


    suggested garnish: lemon peel


    volume: 350 ml


    ABV: 10%

  • Our Doses contain alcohol and are not for sale to under 18s.


    Our Doses are made using real fruit/herbs/spices so sedimentation may occur. Please shake well before using.


    Our Doses of Cocktails can last 3-4 weeks. However we recommend drinking within a week for the best flavour especially those with carbonated mixers.