As a Brit, we grew up on the humble cup of tea, and this was the inspiration for our first Dose of Vodka. Of course, a cup of tea needs to be brewed with English breakfast teabags and with milk and sugar added. To top it off, please have biscuits ready for dunking.


With the use of honey, vanilla and cinnamon, we hope to have encapsulated a homely, quintessentially British feeling through this Dose.



Useless Fact to Impress your Friends

Whether you pour milk first or tea first in your cup depends on your social class. Wealthier people could afford better quality cups which didn’t break if hot tea was poured in first. Don’t worry though, our vodka tastes great even in your cheap crockery.


Dose of Vodka #1

  • flavours: english breakfast tea | honey | vanilla | cinnamon


    volume: 350 ml


    ABV: 40%

  • Our Doses contain alcohol and are not for sale to under 18s.


    Our Doses are made using real fruit/herbs/spices so sedimentation may occur. Please shake well before using.


    Our Doses of Spirits can last over a year. However we recommend drinking within 6 months for the best flavour.